Our convenient location

You will find Skopelos Dive Center in the Adrines Beach at Panormos bay and at the main harbor of Skopelos.

You can see the location of our two diving bases on a map here. Below you will find instructions for getting to each diving base.

How to come to our base in Skopelos town?
You will find our base near by the harbor of Skopelos, at the beginning of the road that leads to the Palouki hill. Here is a map with its precise location.

How to come to our base in Adrines Beach, Panormos?
You can reach the Adrina Beach Hotel by car, boat, or bus. As we mind about your carbon foot print, you can find here instructions on how to come with public transportation from Skopelos, Glossa or other towns. If asked so, the bus driver can stop you at the Adrina Hotels.

How to come to Skopelos island?
By plane
By ferry
Additional travel instructions are also provided here.

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