Our expert team

The team members of Skopelos Dive Center will do their best to make your dive experience at Skopelos unforgettable. Their enthusiasm, dynamism, and competence will undoubtedly contribute to that. The team, with its multi-disciplinary background, will be glad to share its experience with you on various subjects such as diving, sailing and other aquatic activities, marine ecosystems, underwater archeology, photography and 3D modelling. All team members speak fluent English and Greek. Extra spoken languages are French and Spanish.

Staff and Instructors

Kostas Danis PADI Instructor

Kostas graduated as electrical engineer from the Polytechnic school. After his postgraduate studies in Museology he worked as a lighting designer on museum's exhibitions and archeological sites. Meanwhile he practiced intensively in and on water activities. He holds an expertise diploma in sailing and a speed boat license. He is a certified PADI instructor and manager of the Skopelos Dive Center since 2014.

Anastasios Ktistis PADI Instructor

Anastasios holds a Bachelor Degree in Mechanical Engineering and a second one in Documentary Photography, while participating to several art exhibitions in San Diego, London, Wales, Mumbai, Greece. One of his current interests is to combine photography and 3D modeling for inland and inwater object's reconstruction images (e.g wrecks). He holds a diploma in sailing, a speed boat license. As keen PADI instructor and equipment expert, he is in charge of the educational program and logistics.

Kimon Papadimitriou PADI IDC Staff Instructor

Kimon is a researcher in the fields of cartography and ecology, holding a graduate Diploma, a postgraduate Specialization and a PhD. Kimon is organizing marine activities that promote the Aegean culture. His inwater activities include open sea swimming and diving, while contributing in environmental monitoring and awareness. He is a PADI IDC Staff and DDI instructor and also a professional lifeguard, according to the Greek Legislation's standards.

Marios Yiannourakos PADI Divemaster

Marios got a Bachelor Degree in Environmental sciences and participated to various environmental studies and researches. He is native from Skopelos. He holds sailing and speedboat licenses and promotes actively eco-friendly outdoor activities. He is a certified PADI Divemaster. Apart from an inwater guide he is responsible of raising divers' awareness on local marine and environmental issues.

Menelaos Vakalopoulos PADI Divemaster

Menelaos is an undergraduate student at the Department of Geology and a passionate speleologist. He is the youngest member of the team, an excellent swimmer, and a motivated athletic person. As certified PADI Divemaster and keen underwater guide, he is in charge of our daily diving trips.

Ines Cherif PADI Divemaster

Ines holds a Physics engineering degree and worked for 10 years on modeling natural resources and monitoring environmental processes using GIS and Remote sensing techniques. As certified PADI Divemaster and multimedia expert, she is a diving and snorkeling guide as well as frontdesk at our base in Adrina.

Tilemachos Patsoulis CMAS Instructor

Tilemachos is a Marine Engineer Graduate but his love for the sea and adventure sports led him to
becoming a CMAS ** , SDI-TDI diving and specialty instructor passing on his knowledge and experience to countless of divers over the last 15 years. He holds a speed boat driving license.
He's passionate about making the underwater world a fun and safe experience for all to enjoy.

Dimitris Anastasakos-Paraskevopoulos Divemaster

Dimitris holds a degree in Mining and Metallurgical Engineering as well as a Master degree in Urban and Regional Planning.
From a young age he was passionate by the sea and as skipper became member of the Laser national team of Greece. He is a certified Divemaster and EANx blending specialist. He worked as such in dive centers in Santorini and Athens before joining the team in Skopelos.

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