Green landscapes, clear blue waters, beautiful geological formations and caves compose a breathtaking scenery. In Dasia island both beginners and experienced divers can experience various dives. Among the diving sites are:

Dasia Gallery

Dasia Gallery is one of our most joyful dives, regardless of the depth. We descend at a depth of 18, 25 or 30 m. depending on the diver’s level. We follow the wall, enjoying the lovely landscape. After we enter the Gallery, we swim through a tunnel that leads to the other side of the cape, where the dive has started. Half the way of the Gallery, there is an opening at the roof, providing light and a spectacular cave seascape. Exiting the Galery, we keep swimming underwater at a shallow depth until we reach the boat.

More diving sites in Skopelos

Dive site’s characteristics


Cliff, cavern dive


By boat


1.2nm from the dive base




approx. 30min

Minimum level

Advanced diver