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Ikion Diving Alonissos (2006) throughout its longterm and continuous course has steadily risen over the years to become a notable, 5-star PADI Dive Center and Dive Resort that offers scuba diving activities for both early beginners and certified divers of different abilities. Just beyond the well-equipped home base are numerous locations to create memorable diving experiences which can be accessed by both boat and from shore. 

The dive center’s location of Steni Vala was chosen for its safe anchorage for both private yachts and flotillas. This quiet, familial village has a superb array of tavernas or restaurants with cuisine for the whole family, including locally-caught tuna antipasti and fresh seafood caught on the same day and cooked to order. Plus, there is a small but well-stocked supermarket, not to mention an art boutique boasting clothing for adults and children as well as a wide variety of ceramics, jewellery, and souvenirs, all of which are made by Greek artists and local manufacturers.

Our location in Steni Vala is teeming with flavours of local culture. Expect to overhear stories of the fearsome pirate “Barbarossa”, see youngsters fishing along the waterfront, goats milling about in the fields and hear the sounds of local music throughout your visit. 

There are two lovely beaches within walking distance from the dive center, Dimosia Beach and Glyfa Beach, perfect for relaxing or a bit of exploring. We also use these to train beginner divers, meaning even confined water dives, commonly completed in swimming pools, are conducted in the calm waters of the Aegean inside the B' Zone of the National Marine Park, in which Alonnisos is situated, along with Peristera island.

Convenient Location

You will find Alonnisos Dive Center in Steni Vala

Equipment and Vessels

Ikion Dive Center has all the equipment and vessels in order to make your diving and snorkeling experience safer, more comfortable, and more pleasant.

Professional Team

The Ikion Dive Center team will do its best to make your dive experience at Alonnisos unforgettable.

Diving and Sailing Areas

Alonnisos is a great destination for diving and sailing.

Our convenient location

The diving center is located amongst the premises of IKION GROUP in the beautiful Steni Vala Bay. Within this complex, you have access to IKION Stay which offers numerous lodging options for families and couples, as well as the bistro and gift shop.

Our diving center offers exciting activities for both scuba divers as well as snorkellers while boasting a wide variety of PADI programs. The knowledgeable, friendly Ikion Diving team is proud to provide all the assistance necessary to make your underwater experience both pleasant and eye-opening. 

How do I arrive to the base in

Steni Vala?

If you arrive by one of the many ferries that 

What are the different ways to arrive to Alonnisos Island?


If you didn’t manage to pack your diving gear with you on your holiday- we’ve got you covered!
All required equipment can be provided at minimal added cost.

There are hot/cold shower facilities within the center which are accesible to our clients. 

What gear can I rent?

If needed, we provide our clients all of the necessary equipment to make your diving experience a breeze. Equipment offered includes a BCD, regulator, wetsuit (3 mm – 7 mm), mask, and a snorkel. 

Additional gear such as flashlights, buoys/DSMBs, knives, and/or a dive watch is available upon request for an added fee. 

We also have a selection of diving gear available for purchase at the dive center in Steni Vala. 


Meet the Team

The Alonnisos Dive Center Team is comprised of dedicated, talented, passionate individuals who work together to create amazing experiences for our clients every day. Our team is made up of professionals in their fields with incredibly diverse skillsets who will be glad to share their knowledge with you on diving, sailing, conservation, culture and anything in between. Our team members are versed in an array of aquatic activities, local marine ecosystems, underwater archeology, photography and 3D modelling.

All team members speak fluent English and Greek. Additional languages for communication include French, and German.

Kostas Danis
Master Scuba Diver Trainer
Katharina Huber
PADI and EFR Instructor
Thodoros Mouratidis
Dive Master
Ines Cherif
PADI Divemaster
Merryn Wainwright
PADI Divemaster
Thanos Pougatsias
PADI Divemaster

Our diving and sailing area

Ikion Diving is the only dive center on Alonnisos which is directly accessible by sea. This allows us to tailor a diving experience exactly to your interests. Ikion Diving is a world-class location for all divers, from complete novices to professional-level experts.The beautiful, charming guest rooms of the IKION GUEST complex allow for the perfect combination of both relaxation and excitement. IKION GROUP includes the Ikion Dive Center, Ikion Cafe, Ikion Rooms and the boutique store; the members of which feel, and often act, like a family.

High-speed WiFi is available on the entire premises of the IKION GROUP.

Our dive center is open from April through to October. Both the weather and water are mostly agreeable during this period for diving, snorkelling, and sailing, with water visibility typically in excess of 20m.

Thanks to our two speedboats and easy access to the sea, we are able to reach dive sites across the Marine Park. This allows us to offer the Dive and Sail package where we come out to meet you wherever you are moored, ready to provide you with diving equipment, complete PADI courses, or simply guide you on one of our varied dive sites.


Every one of the dive sites that we visit lie within the National Marine Park of Alonissos and Northern Sporades. This area was the first marine park established in Greece and is the largest marine protected area in all of Europe, measuring 2,260 square kilometres. The establishment of the marine park has allowed for the growth of diverse, healthy populations of marine life. During your visit, you may even see the rare and protected Mediterranean Monk Seal either in the water or lounging about on the beaches or even, sometimes, sunbathing on the port of Steni Vala. 


Wind statistics

Click here for wind statistics for Alonnisos.

Port authorities

Alonnisos Port Authority: +302424065595


There are 3 ports at Alonnisos: Patitiri, Votsi, and Steni Vala

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