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The Northern Sporades is an area of outstanding natural beauty to which people have a tendency of returning time and again. From its natural heritage to its marine life, from its cultural highlights to its pristine, turquoise waters, there’s something for everyone. As embodied in the myth of the arguing Titans throwing stones and accidentally creating the scattered islands of the Northern Sporades, many people, both first timers and those with more experience, enjoy experiencing this cluster of islands from the deck of a sailing boat.

As such, we’ve teamed up with a few local and trusted sailing companies to create the sail and dive experience – allowing the best of both worlds and the simultaneous exploration of the peaks (islands) and valleys (ocean topography) of this region.

During your sail journey, you’ll be able to meet us at our bases on Skopelos or Alonnisos, or we can arrange to come out and meet you wherever you’ve moored.

Any and all levels are more than welcome, as are all interests and requests. We can meet you with tanks and equipment for a day indulging in our Dive Safari; help you make the most of a package of 5 or 10 guided dives redeemable from both of our centres, or even further (or begin) your diving education with our PADI courses.

A particularly popular option is to spend a day or two in port whilst undertaking the confined dives section of the PADI Open Water Course, before mooring elsewhere where we will then come out to meet you in order to complete the open water dives and complete the course.

Between our sailing friends and us, we’re sure we can tailor the perfect package to meet your combined diving and sailing needs!



With our speed boat we reach every diving site in Skopelos Island, Northern Evia and the Pagasitikos Gulf, according to your diving needs and local weather conditions. Some of our most popular locations for diving, snorkeling and sailing include:

  • The three main islands of the Northern Sporades archipelago which include Skiathos, Skopelos and Alonissos
  • The smaller Pelagos or Kiria Panayia
  • The uninhabited islands of Peristera, Skantzoura, Yioura and Psathoura
  • The Pagasitikos Gulf and the coast of Pelion Peninsula.

Skopelos lies on the edge of the National Marine Park of Alonissos Northern Sporades, with Alonnisos close to the middle. It was the first designated marine park area in Greece and is currently the largest marine protected area in Europe. This protected region is perhaps best known for being the location with the highest population of the critically endangered Meditterenean Monk Seal. We invite you to download this brochure for more exciting details about the Marine Park.

SCUBA diving was made accessible in Greece to the public in 2005. Subsequently, there is a countless number of unexplored locations for diving which offer something to satisfy everyone. 

In 2020, Greece’s first underwater museum was opened in Alonnisos. Qualified divers have the unique opprotunity to be eye-to-eye with what has been hailed as “The Acropolis of the Sea” . The ancient shipwreck was transporting around 3,000 – 3,500 amphorae when, well, the rest is history. From 2023 it is expected for the other 4 shipwreck sites of arcaheological interest to be operated or the first time-Underwater Museums in Peristera, Kyra-Panagia, Skantzoura.

If you’d like a preview of what to expect while being one of the first visitors to the underwater museum, you can watch this video produced by the BLUEMED project.

Meteorological conditions

The ideal months for diving and sailing excursions begin in April and extend through October.

During this period, the Aegean and Mediterranean Seas are considered ideal for both scuba diving and snorkeling due to the optimal temperature and clarity of the water, commonly between 20 to 30 meters.

Conditions for sailing are also more predictable due to milder winds and calmness of the sea. 

Summer average air temperature:22.5 oC
Summer average water temperature:23.3 oC
Average Visibility:18.6-31m inside water
Coldest Period:November to March
Hottest Period:April to October

Click on the links for weather forecast information for Skopelos and Alonnisos.


Wind statistics

Click here for wind statistics for Skopelos.

Port authorities

Skopelos Port Authority: +302424022180

Alonnisos Port Authority: +302424065595


There are 2 ports at Skopelos: Skopelos Port and Loutraki (Glossa port)

There are 3 ports at Alonnisos: Patitiri, Votsi, and Steni Vala

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