The staff of Sporades Diving is dedicated to ensuring that our guests enjoy a wonderful experience both in and out of the water during their visit to the Northern Sporades archipelago. We regard professionalism, respect and curiosity as paramount to our operations. Our team is drawn from a multi-disciplinary background consisting of a breadth of skillsets. Each team member brings a unique perspective and will be glad to share their experiences with you during your visit on anything from diving, sailing and other aquatic activities to functions of marine ecosystems, underwater archaeology, photography and 3D modelling not to mention their knowledge of the islands, local history and treasured secrets (like the best places to eat!).

All team members speak fluent English and Greek. Additional languages available include French, Arabic, German, Spanish, Bahasa Indonesia and Serbian.

Dive Activities

Dive ActivitiesPrice (equipment included)Duration (min. hours)
Discover Scuba Diving (Shore Dive)85.00 € 
Discover Scuba Diving (Boat Dive)110.00 € 
Bubblemaker Experience85.00 € 
Boat Snorkeling40.00 € 1hr
Guided Snorkeling Cruise (private)380.00 € 3hrs

PADI Training Courses

Dive ActivitiesPrice (equipment included)Duration (min. days)
Scuba Diver400.00 €2
Open Water Diver (O.W.D)
550.00 €4
Scuba Diver to O.W.D.300.00 €2
O.W.D Referral300.00 €2
Adventure Diver300.00 €2
Advanced Open Water Diver430.00 €3
Reactivate180.00 €1
Emergency First Response190.00 €2
Rescue Diver370.00 €3
Divemaster950.00 €10

PADI Specialty Courses

Dive ActivitiesPrice (equipment included)Number of dives
Peak Performance Buoyancy240.00 €2
Enriched Air Diver (Nitrox)220.00 €2
Deep Diver400.00 €4
Wreck Diver400.00 €4
Search & Recovery Diver350.00 €4
Underwater Navigation300.00 €3
Night Diver315.00 €3
Boat Diver190.00 €2
Digital Underwater Photography300.00 €2
Emergency Oxygen Provider160.00 €

Combined Training Programs*

Dive ActivitiesPrice (equipment included)Duration (min. days)
Open Water Diver + EANitrox Diver800.00 €4(+1 OW Dive)
EANitrox accompanied with any other course200.00 €No exrta dives

Guided Dives-Certified Divers

Dive ActivitiesEquipment includedEquipment not included
Scuba Tune-up (Check Dive)55.00 €45.00 €
1 Dive/day (Shore Dive)65.00 €55.00 €
1 Dive/day (Boat Dive)75.00 €65.00 €
2 Dives/day (Shore Dive)110.00 €100.00 €
2 Dives/day (Boat Dive)125.00 €110.00 €
3 Dives Safari (in one day)185.00 €160.00 €
5 Dives package*300.00 €250.00 €
10 Dives package*550.00 €450.00 €
Νight Dive (Shore Dive)75.00 €65.00 €


Dive ActivitiesEquipment includedEquipment not included
Dive Computer Rental (Scuba)10.00 € 
Full Equipment Rental (Snorkeling)20.00 € 
Tank Refilling**10.00 € 

* Discounts do not apply to these dive packages

** For cylinders hydrostatically tested within the last 3 years

DISCOUNT POLICY (the total discount can not exceed 20% cumulatively)

  • Α special discount of 20% on all services except for the period: 15/05 – 30/09
  • For groups of 4 participants or more to any diving course a discount of 15%

Extra fees

  • Additional state fee for Alonnisos Underwater Museum 50 euro/per visitor (ΦΕΚ 5058/1-11-2021)
  • Nitrox tank per guided dive for EANx certified divers only in Skopelos Diving base  +10 euro


  • For any private diving service or trip to remote dive sites, contact us for a custom quote
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