Diving Christoforos shipwreck is a unique experience since it is very well preserved as diving was not allowed there until November 2018!

The boat is 83m long, in one piece, laying on the seabed standing, like sailing on the sand. We decent and accent from a line and the wreck appears from the blue at 15m depth which gives you a spectacular view. The deck is at 32 to 35 meter depth but swimming at 30m can give you a very pleasant view of the wreck. because of its length there are many things to explore and usually we dive it in parts so there is time to enjoy more details. Two to four dives are recommended to be able to see the whole shipwreck. Since these are deep dives, one per day is planed but this is a good opportunity to visit also some of the other shallower dive sites in the area. Please remember that because it is a demanding dive site a Tune-up dive or one of our easier (but not boring) dives is required before you dive at Christoforos shipwreck. This give us the opportunity to meet you underwater and be able to make groups that fit your level so you enjoy more your Christoforos’ experience! Finally, we believe that each diver should have his own Dive Computer for this specific dive. Remember to bring yours with you. If you don’t, no worries, you can rent one from our diving center.

Read more about the history of the ship Christoforos here,

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Dive site’s characteristics


Wreck dive


By boat


0.3 nm from the dive base (Panormos bay)




approx. 30 – 40 min limited from no deco limit

Minimum level

Advanced diver (a check dive is required)

Equipment required

Dive Computer (can be rented from the diving center)

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