Learning to scuba dive requires both knowledge development (facts, principles, concepts) and dive skills (techniques, methods). PADI’s eLearning provides the knowledge development portion you need through interactive presentations: videos, audio, graphics and reading. Short quizzes let you gauge your progress, and review and correct anything you might happen to miss. This lets you move through the program efficiently and at your own pace.

The eLearning course is available for one year from the time of course registration. Though you must finish the online portion of the course within that time frame, you will have perpetual access to the training material.

Once you finish the eLearning portion of the course, our dive center is notified that you have completed it and that you are ready for the practical phase of the program. At the end of the eLearning program, you need to print out your eRecord and bring a copy of it with you to our dive center.

Once you book a course with us and choose the eLearning option for studying the theory part, the diving center will order an eLearning product and send it to your email. You will then receive an email from PADI with instructions on how to activate the product and use it.

Its price is included in the course’s price. You don’t need to purchase the eLearning on your own. If for some reason you want to do so you can do it from here.

Depending on the PADI course level (OWD, AOWD, Rescue, etc) the eLearning may be available in both versions the Online and the Offline ones. Skopelos Dive Center will provide you with more details during the PADI course booking process.

PADI eLearning Online

The PADI eLearning online is the desktop and laptop-based version of the eLearning. An internet connection is required for the activation of the product, the visualisation of the educational material and the submission of the tests. The online product is not compatible with the iPad or other Apple iOS devices (iPods and iPhones).


Choose the eLearning option for studying the PADI course theory:

-in Skopelos 

-in Alonnisos

PADI eLearning Offline

The PADI eLearning Offline is a smartphone and tablet-based version, integrating a manual curriculum, learning objectives, video clips, quizzes and Knowledge Reviews into a rich, interactive learning environment. No internet connectivity is required to view the course content. You can conveniently access the knowledge development portion of the course at any time from any location. A good connection is needed though in order to install the application on your smartphone or tablet and to submit the tests. The PADI Touch product is not only available for the OWD course but also for the Re-activate course, Rescue course, etc.


Watch this video about PADI eLearning Offline

Check language availability for the PADI Open Water Diver Touch

Want to try it? Download the free PADI Library app for Apple or Android and experience the Touch introduction.

If you have any problem using your PADI eLearning check the FAQ here or contact us.

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